GardenThere are many opportunities for volunteering in the City of Sartell. If you have a program within the City and would like to have information on it posted here, please email us at


Engage. Connect. Involve.

The Greater St. Cloud Area RSVP engages men and women age 55 or better in meaningful volunteer opportunities at over 200 human service agencies including many in Sartell. We are seeking compassionate volunteers in a variety of positions; including many roles with flexible commitments. RSVP staff will work with you to cater your volunteer schedule so it fulfills your needs and has a positive impact on your community.

If you are age 55 or better, this is your invitation to serve! For more information about how to get involved please call the RSVP office at (320)255-7295!

Volunteer Gardeners

Volunteers are always needed to help take care of the smaller Sartell Gardens. If you'd like to volunteer your time and talents please call Sartell City Hall at 253-2171 or e-mail your name and phone number to


In the event of a fire emergency during the winter, could firefighters find the hydrant near your home? Or does it get buried under a snow pile? The city encourages residents to "adopt a fire hydrant' near their home and keep snow shoveled away from it during the winter season. This will ensure hydrants are visible and will greatly speed the response time in case of an emergency. Please don't let your neighborhood hydrant remain "under cover".

There is no need to notify the city about a hydrant you have adopted, as this is an informal volunteer program. Your help is appreciated. If you need more information, please contact the Public Works Department at (320) 258-7339 or e-mail More information on the Adopt-a-Hydrant program can be found in the Public Works section of this web site.