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Water & Sewer

Water and sanitary sewer services are provided to most Sartell residents by the city's Water and Sewer Department. This department operates and maintains wells, water storage facilities, sanitary sewer lines and lift stations; flushes city hydrants; and repairs fire hydrants.

A city-owned and city-operated water system makes up a major portion of the Sartell Water City of Sartell Water Treatment Facility and Sewer Department. The water supply comes from 9 wells and 3 water treatment plants with a total pumping capacity of about 12 million gallons per day. There is approximately 65 miles of water main. To handle peak water loads Sartell also has 3 water towers and 2 clearwells for ground storage. The water is chlorinated and fluoridated to meet Department of Health standards. The Water and Sewer Department staff  bills bi-monthly based on usage. Some Sartell properties obtain their water through private wells and are not served by the municipal water systems. The most recent Water Quality Report on Sartell's water system is available in .pdf format.

The Water and Sewer Department also maintains sanitary sewer lines in Sartell which discharge into the regional waste treatment system managed by the City of St. Cloud and surrounding communities. There are 10 lift stations, about 55 miles of sanitary sewer, and 26 miles of storm sewer in Sartell. 

There are occasions when utility personnel need to gain access to your home. The two most common occurrences are for the initial set-up of the water meter and for repair work to water meters. Utility personnel wear city uniforms and carry a picture I.D. card. Residents having any questions regarding utility personnel should call the Public Works Department at (320) 258-7339.

The City of Sartell has adopted an odd/even water conservation plan. This means that if your house is odd numbered, you can water your lawn on odd numbered calendar days. If your house is even numbered, you can water on even calendar days. If you have your own well, please call Sartell City Hall and register it, so that you aren't fined for watering your lawn on the wrong days.

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After Hours Emergencies

Sartell City Hall is open from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. If you have an after hour emergency that need immediate attention, please call the Sartell Police Department at 251-8186 and the appropriate personnel will be called.