Rental Rates


Sartell Community Center rental rates shall be as follows, but management reserves the right to vary rentals to serve the Sartell community based on demand, volume user discounts, and seasonal or other low demand time discounts:

Gym rental: $22.50 per court per hour*

Walking Track: $3 per day or $55 annual pass

Pickleball: $3 per session or $50 for 20 use pass

St. Cloud Orthopedics KidZone:** $20 per hour – 2 hour time slots (Either Noon - 2 pm or 5 pm - 7 pm)

St. Cloud Orthopedics Party Room: $15 per hour – 2 hour min

Liberty Bank Suite A: $20 per hour-2 hour min

Liberty Bank Suite B: $25 per hour-2 hour min

Liberty Bank Suites A&B: $40 per hour-2 hour min

American Heritage Bank Board/ other meeting rooms: $10 per hour-2 hour min

Maker Spaces: $10 per hour – 2 hour min

*2 hour minimum on gym rentals

**Commercial, daycare use or other organized event (birthday party, etc.)

 Management will determine other miscellaneous schedule of fees for things like foodservice or equipment rentals as part of space use.

 Management will set and publish rates for open gym, open KidZone, and other usesbased upon market demand at time such activities are scheduled.

 Management reserves the right to adjust operational hours for emergency situations,required building maintenance, or operational factors.

 The community center will be tobacco use free, tenants will be required to use approved caterers or City vending/concessions for food unless otherwise approved by Management, and all liquor sales and consumption at the community center will be managed by the community center through City license or licensed and approved liquor caterers. Management will determine percentage of gross or net to be collected by community center for use of private catering or liquor vendors by renters, and for any private sales, admissions or concessions.

 Reservations will generally not be accepted more than one year in advance but management reserves the right to book an event beyond that one year in special circumstances