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The City of Sartell bills bi-monthly. Water rates for 2018 are $2.59 per 100 c.f. Current sewer rates are $4.74 per 100 c.f., with a minimum of water of $15.54.  The City of Sartell sets the sewer rates during the months of January and February.

The amount of sewer used during these months is also the amount of sewer that you will be charged on the remainder of your water/sewer bills of that year with the exception of the November/December and January/February billing cycle. There is a spot on your utility statement to submit your water meter reading, it is very important that we get actual readings from our residents, otherwise you bill is estimated which can result in an inaccurate bill. You will be billed for the usage from the current meter reading on the next billing cycle.

Many questions to the City of Sartell Water and Sewer Utilities program can be answered here. Other FAQ's can also be found at our Utility Billing Page.

To pay your bill or sign up for Autopay of your bill Click Here!

To sign up or disconnect water/sewer services please click here! 

The Sartell Water Billing Department can be reached at 253-2171.

Please read your water meter and return your readings to city hall on time. Any meters that have not been read will be estimated. This will cause an inaccurate bill which could be higher than usual.

Please remember that the water meter is located inside your house. They are located off your first water line that comes in from the outside. They are copper colored and should have between 5 and 8 numbers on them.

“Round Up” Program

The City of Sartell has a program that allows residents to "Round Up" their utility bill to the nearest dollar. The extra "charge" then goes into a fund to improve the city area parks.

So far, the "Round Up" Program has financed three new park picnic shelters, which have been installed in Sabre Oaks Park, Morningstar Park, and Cypress Park.

If you would like to sign up for the "Round Up" Program, please fill out the form below, or call City Hall at (320) 253-2171.