Property and Evidence

Police Property Officer

We currently have one officer assigned to track equipment and property that the department owns, has forfeited, or is found property in which we cannot locate the owner. This allows us to track serial numbers of equipment, dates purchased, costs, etc. The software program purchased to do this is essential in tracking the items appropriately, especially the equipment housed in each one of our squad cars. The property officer is provided information when something is received to enter into the database and to remove items the department no longer owns because of replacement, sale, etc.

Evidence Manager

One supervisor is assigned the task of tracking all incoming evidence for the department. This includes photographs taken at crime scenes, evidence taken at crime scenes, squad video system and interview room video system. This supervisor records evidence into a database, places it accordingly on shelves within the evidence room. He then removes it for court appearances as well as sale, disposal or return after the court case is completed. It is a very time consuming process, but a very important one for the department to do correctly.

If you have items taken by our department as evidence of a crime and are either the owner, or have a court order showing the property must be returned to you, please contact Deputy Chief Struffert at 320-251-8186, Monday through Friday during regular business hours.