Internet Safety

As of March 2009, the Sartell Police Department has a Facebook account. If you or your child has a Facebook account, add yourself as a fan of the Sartell Police Department. It may make those unwanted persons in cyberspace from wanting to befriend you.

Set aside time to explore the Internet with your children. If your child has some computer experience, let them lead the way. Teach your children about exploitation, pornography, hate literature, excessive violence and other issues that concern you, so they know how to respond if they see this material, however innocently. Also remind children to let you know immediately if they find something scary or threatening on the Internet. If your child receives threatening e-mail or pornographic materials, save the material and contact local law enforcement.

Ideas to consider:

Teach children NOT to give out identifying information such as name, passwords, parent’s name, home address, school name and telephone number.

Know the Internet services your child is using.

Never allow your child to meet face-to-face with someone they met on the Internet without your permission and without a parent going with them.

Keep your computer in an area where there is adult supervision, as in the kitchen or family room, NOT in their bedroom.

Keep the computer time limited to only a short time daily or weekly.

Children should never be allowed to enter an area that charges for services without parental permission.

If your child uses the public library computer, know their Internet access policy.

If a child’s friend has Internet access, know what their family rules are for Internet use. 

Children should NOT be allowed to send pictures of themselves or family via the Internet without parental permission.


Informative and useful links:

NetSmartz Workshop - Teaches children how to be safer with using the Internet

NetSmartz411 - Online resource for answering questions about Internet Safety

InHope - Internet hotline to report illegal content on the Internet

National Sex Offender Public Registry - Allows parents and guardians to obtain information about sex offenders who may be living in their neighborhoods

American Library Association "Great Websites for Kids"

Verizon Keeping Your Kids Safe



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