Garden Club

Garden ClubThe purpose of the Sartell volunteer gardeners is to bring together community members with a shared mission of beautifying the community through gardening for the City of Sartell. Founded in 2000, the Sartell Garden Club is open to any resident of the city. The club's objectives are:

  • The stimulation of gardening knowledge
  • The development of an aesthetic appreciation among amateur gardeners the promotion of good horticultural practices and civic beauty
  • The conservation of natural resources
  • Increasing volunteers
  • Planning fundraising activities

Young GardenerYou are invited to be part of the beautification of Sartell's city gardens and parks. This is your chance to join your friends and neighbors already active as part of the volunteer gardeners. For more information contact Sartell City Hall at 253-2171 to find out how to get involved.

Whenever you see a flower in bloom in the City, a volunteer gardener, Civic Organization Member, Boy Scout, Girl Scout, or student has had a hand in its cultivation for your enjoyment.

Flower GardenMajor Projects:

  • Plant and maintain all flower beds along
  • Riverside Avenue Plant and maintain median flower beds
  • Finding a Minnesota Green volunteer to maintain hanging flower baskets

We are proud of our parks and wish to show off our hard work!


“Who Loves A Garden”
Who loves a garden
Finds within his soul
Life's whole;
He hears the anthem of the soil
While ingrates toil;
and sees beyond his little sphere
the waving fronds of heaven, clear.
- Author, Louise Seymour Jones