How do I contact
 City Facilities?

City Hall
 Phone: 320-253-2171
 Fax: 320-253-3337
 Hours: Mon - Fri
 7:00 am - 4:30 pm
 except for Federal holidays.

Police Dept
 Phone: 320-251-8186
Emergency: 911

Fire Dept
 Phone: 320-258-7375
 Fax: 320-656-1407
Emergency: 911

Fire Inspector
 Phone: 320-258-7307

Building Inspector
 Phone: 320-258-7308

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This page of the site should answer most of the common questions people may have about the City of Sartell and this web site. If you have a question not addressed here, please contact us at

Use the list below to jump to a main topic:

What are the phone numbers for the schools?

 School Phone Numbers 
Oak Ridge Elementary258-3693
Pine Meadow Elementary253-8303
Middle School253-2200
Sartell High School656-0748
St. Francis Xavier252-9940

How do I access the .pdf files posted on the site?

Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files are a platform-independent file format that requires Adobe's free Acrobat reader software to access. The reason that this file formats are used is that it allows us to deliver permit and application forms in the exact same printable format that you would receive if you came into City Hall and got them. These .pdf files are very effective for the posting of maps as well because the Acrobat Reader software allows for the zooming in on maps to get greater detail without losing graphic quality.


Where can I find the City Code?

The most requested City Codes are available on this site. If the ordinance that you are looking for is not available on this page, please call City Hall at 253-2171 for the correct information.


Where can I go to file Homestead?

To file Homestead, please contact the County that you live in. The eastern part of the City (across the bridge) is in Benton County. The Western part of the City of is in Stearns County. For more information please visit or


Where do I get my pet license?

City ordinance requires that all dogs six (6) months and older owned or harbored within the city limits of Sartell, have a current Sartell Animal License attached to the animal. A current certificate of rabies vaccination must be presented when applying for the license. If applicable, proof of spay or neutering also needs to be presented to receive a discounted license. Licenses are on sale at city hall.  Each licensing year begins April 1st and renews annually, however, licenses can be purchased at any time for new dogs.

City ordinance also requires that all dogs and cats be kept within their owner's property or on a leash when being walked. City ordinance also limits each house to 2 dogs.  We suggest that your dog wear visible identification to make it easier to find the owner when lost.

Ordinance No. 99-02
 It is unlawful for any owner to suffer or to permit an animal to defecate upon public property, or the private property of another, without immediately removing the excrement and disposing of it in a sanitary manner. It shall furthermore be the duty of each person having custody and control of any dog to have in their immediate possession, a device or equipment, such as a scoop and/or a plastic bag, for picking up and removal of the animal's feces. Violation of this section is a petty misdemeanor.


Who can I contact regarding garbage pick-up?

The city licenses refuse haulers. It is the resident's responsibility to choose which refuse hauler they would like to use. The list of refuse haulers are as follows:

Advanced Disposal   320.251.8919

Republic Services  320.252.9608

Waste Management  320.253.6491

West Central Sanitation  800.246.7630

All of the refuse haulers include recycling as part of their service and each hauler provides their own bins to residents.

Do I need a Building Permit?

Building permits are required for most types of construction or remodeling projects. Please visit our E-Forms center to see a list of all available permits. Contact city hall at 253-2171 for permit applications or answers to any questions regarding set back regulations, etc.

 What are the rules about building a fence? Do I need a permit to build a deck, fence, swimming pool, shed, garage, addition, or remodel my house?
 Yes. Click here to view all permits and requirements.


Where can I go to get or renew my driver's license, or tabs for my car?

The nearest place to get licenses and other DMV items is the courthouse in St. Cloud.


I got locked out of my car/home, what should I do?

Call the non-emergency Police Dept number at 320-251-8186. They have a tool they use to attempt to unlock your car. The Police Dept. recommends calling a locksmith if you are locked out of your home. Damage can occur if they try to enter your home through locked doors and windows.


What are the rules for winter parking?

The city has an ordinance, which prohibits the parking of any vehicle on any street or alleyway within the city, during the months of November through March between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. Vehicles in violation may be ticketed and towed at the owner's expense. No vehicle shall be parked or left standing for more than 72 hours on any public street, avenue or thoroughfare within the corporate limits of the city.


What is accepted at the compost site?

A compost site is provided for city residents as well as residents of the city of St. Cloud, and LeSauk Township. Items accepted are: leaves, grass clippings and brush three inches or less in diameter. Also, compost may be taken if you bring your own containers.  To find out costs and more information, please click on the compost site link above.


Can I burn my yard waste?

The City of Sartell does not allow burning of leaves or any other debris.


Can I rent a park shelter?

City park shelters are available for rental to city residents. Additional information can be found on our website or by contacting city hall at 253-2171. Park hours are from 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.


When is the wading pool open?

The wading pools are open every summer. One is located in Watab Creek Park and the other in Celebration Park. Hours for the pool are from 12:30 pm to 7:30 p.m. daily, weather permitting. Again, weather permitting, the pool opens around the 1st weekend in June and closes Labor Day Weekend.


Where are the skating and hockey rinks?

Weather permitting, and during regular park hours, there is free skating at Val Smith Park (corner of 1st St NE and 4th Ave E)  and the outdoor rink at the Bernicks Arena (Along Pinecone Road North and 1st St S). Skating is also available at the Pinecone Regional Park outdoor hockey rink on school days from 7-9 pm and non-school days from 1-9 pm.  The Warming Houses in both parks are open (weather permitting) on school days from 4:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. and on non-school days from 1:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.  The rinks will be open for the season as Mother Nature allows.  We will post opening and closing dates on our community sign along Pinecone Road South and on this website. 

The Bernick's Ice Arena offers indoor open skating for the public. The ice arena can be found on 1st St S off of Pine Cone Road. For more information or for open skating times at the ice arena, you may call 240-9233. 


What do I need to know about installing my own mailbox?

If you install a mailbox, please contact the city at 253-2171 for a copy of the city "mailbox specifications", or go to the Public Works section of this web site. This gives instructions on the construction of mailboxes, which the council has approved. Residents are responsible for the clearing of any snow that needs to be moved to allow mail delivery after plows have gone by. The city will not repair a mailbox damaged during the plowing of snow, unless city equipment physically hits the box and then, only if the box meets all construction specifications. Questions on where to install your mail box can be directed to the Sartell Post Office at 252-5125.


Can I plant on the boulevard?

Many residents plant trees or install decorative items on city boulevards. The city will not be responsible for damage caused by city equipment to any item placed on a city boulevard. There is approximately 15 feet of city boulevard on each side of an improved road surface.


Why do I need to display my house number?

It is important to know and display your proper house number on your home. If you ever need to call for some type of emergency service, you will need the house number to give to the service you are calling. The house number needs to be visible to the emergency response team so that they can respond in a timely fashion. If you do not know your house number, please call Sartell City Hall for assistance.


What is the curfew for minors?

The City of Sartell has an ordinance implementing a curfew for minors. In short, the ordinance states as follows: Any minor under the age of eighteen years of age shall not loiter, idle or be in or upon public streets, roads, highways, alleys, parks, playgrounds or other public grounds between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. Call city hall if you wish to see the complete ordinance.


What are the rules on riding my snowmobile in the City?

There is an ordinance regarding the operation of snowmobiles within the city limits. If you or a member of your family has or plans on operating a snowmobile within city limits, please contact the Sartell Police Department or click here to download a copy of the ordinance.


How do I hook up my sump pump?

Sump pumps must be hooked up according to the following diagram. Sump pumps are not allowed to drain into the sanitary sewer system. They must drain outside.

Sump Pump


My neighbor is planning a block party. What arrangements need to be made?

You will need to contact the Police Department at 251-8186 to make sure that adequate safety measures can be met during the party. Block Party Petition and Guidelines.


I am a new resident and would like more information about Sartell. What materials are available?

You may view the New Resident section of the website or you may stop in at City Hall and pick up a new resident folder of information.


What is the population of Sartell?

The population estimate as of April 1, 2016 is 17,552.


Are recreational fires allowed?

Recreational fires are allowed. however the fire pits must be at least 25 feet from any structure or combustible material and all combustibles such as leaves need to be cleared away from the area before starting a fire. No burning is allowed on streets, sidewalks, other public right of ways. Fire pits should also be constructed of non-combustible material. A non-combustible fire ring or pit that is at least 8 inches deep is required for a recreational fire. The fires can only be three feet in diameter and three feet high.

Some sort of fire extinguishing method needs to be present during the time of the fire. A garden hose is a great option, or buckets filled with water and even a fire extinguisher is o.k. It is against the law to leave a fire unattended. You cannot burn treated lumber, yard waste, leaves, brush, debris, or refuse material.

No burning will be allowed during burning bans issued by the DNR or the Sartell Fire Department.


Where can I dispose of hazardous household products, pesticides, paints, solvents, and unused aerosol cans?

The Tri-County Solid Waste Management Commission accepts, free of charge, paint, stain, solvents, pesticides, insecticides, household chemicals, unused aerosol cans and other miscellaneous household waste. They are located at 3601 5th Street S Waite Park, MN 56387. You can reach them at 320-255-6140. Hours of business are Tuesdays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Wednesday, Thursdays, and Fridays 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and the 3rd Saturday of the month from 8 a.m. to noon.

Stearns County Household Hazardous Waste Facility is also open to the public.  They will accept your Fluorescent Bulbs.  

To get rid of Unused and Unwanted Medications, a Pharmaceutical drop box is located at the Stearns County Law Enforcement Center at 807 Courthouse Square, St. Cloud, Mn.


Tree Selection, Planting and Maintenance.

Guidelines for tree size selection: Click here for a picture of mature tree height and width.

When planting near residential power lines:

  • Plant only small trees or shrubs ( with a mature height of 25 feet or less) near power lines.
  • Plant medium trees (up to 40 feet in mature height) more than 25 feet from power lines.
  • Plant tall trees (taller than 40 feet in mature height) more than 50 feet from power lines.


When shopping for trees asking where the stock came from could prevent you from selecting a tree that has the possibility of being diseased and bringing that disease into our area from out of state, diseases that have not been seen in our area previously.

Garage Sales

The City of Sartell does not host an "Annual City Wide Garage Sale", however, there are residential neighborhoods who host neighborhood sales during the garage sale season.  City Hall does not receive notice of when these sales take place, so it is best just to pay attention to local newspapers for dates, times and locations.


If you are hosting a garage sale, please remember that garage sale signs cannot be placed in city right of way and must be taken down immediately after the event.


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