Crime Free Multi-Housing Program

The Crime Free Program is a partnership between the Sartell Police Department, the owners and managers of a particular property and the residents to keep drugs and other illegal activity out of our community.

If you would like to participate in the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program or have
 questions about the program, please contact Officer Katie Wild at 320-258-7347 or e-mail

There are 3 phases to the program to become fully certified and receive a reduction in rental license fees.

Phase 1

Attendance at and successful completion of the Management Training components which will be shown by demonstrating an understanding of each of the following subject matter:

 (a) The Crime Free Multi-Housing Program and ordinance.
 (b) Rental applications and housing discrimination.
 (c) Screening and background checks.
 (d) Lease and lease addendums.
 (e) Unlawful detainer and eviction.
 (f) Manager/Owner policies and roles.
 (g) Data privacy.
 (h) Narcotics and gangs.
 (i) Rental housing.

Phase 2

Compliance with environmental crime prevention requirements by owners for their rental properties that are located within the corporate limits of the City of Sartell or in the case of a property manager, for all rental properties located within the corporate limits of the City of Sartell that are managed by that property manager. Compliance will be indicated by completion of the following requirements:

 (a) Single cylinder deadbolt locks installed in each enrty door for each dwelling unit.
 (b) High security strike plate with 3-inch screws installed on each wooden entry door frame for each dwelling unit.
 (c) Door viewer - 180° peephole installed in the primary entry door for each dwelling unit
 (d) Anti-lift/slide device installed on all windows and sliding glass doors.
 (e) Security lighting adequate to illuminate exterior grounds.
 (f) Landscaping in a manner that provides for visual sight lines.
 (g) Visible address numbering installed.
 (h) Compliance with all Fire and Building Code requirements.

Phase 3

Include, implement and enforce, as part of all written leases, the lease addendum for Crime Free/Drug Free Housing, provided by the Sartell Police Department and at least once every 12 months make available, in cooperation with the Sartell Police Department, training for tenants in respect to the following subject areas:

 (a) The Crime Free Multi-Housing program together with the concept of partnerships and sharing responsibilities.
 (b) Crime concerns and prevention awareness techniques.
 (c) Application of Neighborhood Watch program/principles.

To view rental rules in Sartell: Full Rental Code Ordinance