City Donations

The City of Sartell has opportunities available to honor a loved one, commemorate a special event or make a donation to beautify Sartell, by purchasing a bench, tree, or paver to be placed in the City's Park System.

Downloadable Park Donation Form

Online Donation Form and Payment

What Would Bri Do – Angel of Hope
Sartell’s Angel of Hope is located near Lake Francis just south of Scout Drive off of Pinecone Road South and will be accessed via paved trail from the new community center parking lot. What Would Bri Do ( is donating the angel to create a memorial where mourning parents and families can find a place of solace. The Christmas Box Angel of Hope was first introduced to the world in the international best selling book and hit television movie "The Christmas Box," written by Richard Paul Evans. The Original Angel of Hope statue, inspired by the book, was dedicated on December 6, 1994 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Since the placement of this first statue, it has become known as a place of hope and healing for anyone who has suffered the loss of a child. Each year, individuals and agencies in support of grieving parents sponsor new statues to be placed throughout the world.

Candelight Memorial - December 6th

Each year a candlelight memorial is held at the Angel of Hope statue on December 6th at 7:00 p.m. The public is invited to attend this short, simple secular ceremony.  Attendees are invited to bring a white flower to leave at the base of the statue in memory of loved ones.  The Angel of Hope is one of a growing number of Christmas Box Angels throughout the world that are gathering places for anyone grieving the loss of a child of any age, for any reason.

Angel of Hope Paver Sponsorship

$150.00 each


Pavers are a great way to recognize a person, business, an achievement or community group near the Angel of Hope Statue.  Pavers are 4" x 8" in size and may be purchased any time throughout the year but will only be installed in the summer and fall of each year.

Paver Information:

  • Recognition Paver will accommodate 15 characters per line and 3 lines max
  • No logos are permitted on paver






Trees are a great way to honor a loved one and also be friendly to the environment.  Trees must be purchased through the City.  Trees may be purchased anytime throughout the year, but trees will be planted only in the Spring and Fall each year.  An approved species will be chosen based on planting site and a recognition plaque will be installed at planting. Deciduous trees will be approximately 2" in diameter and evergreens will be 5 to 6 feet in height. The sponsorship of a tree is $250.00 which includes the purchase and installation of a tree, plaque and one replacement tree, if needed, within first 5 years.

Plaque Information:

  • Recognition Plaque will accommodate 15 characters per line and 3 lines max
  • No logos are permitted on plaque
  • Public Works Department must approve plaque messages.


     $1500.00         $2250.00

Benches are another great way to commemorate a person or event and also enhance the aesthetics of the City's park and trail system.  Benches must be purchased through the City of Sartell and can be done so anytime throughout the year. Installations of the benches will happen only in the summer and fall.  There are two types of benches to choose from and each bench will include a recognition plaque. The total sponsorship of a bench includes the bench, concrete base, plaque and installation.

Plaque Information:

  • Recognition Plaque will accommodate 30 characters per line and two line max
  • No logos are permitted on plaque
  • Public Works Department must approve plaque messages.

Additional Information

  • The City of Sartell will not accept privately purchased trees, pavers or benches. 
  • The Public Works Department will make the final determination of where the trees and benches are placed within the park system, but effort will be made to accommodate donor's preferred location for trees and benches and donor may cancel the donation if a location can't be agreed upon in advance.    
  • Plaques are symbolic of the donation and do not entitle the donor to ownership of the particular donated element.
  • The City of Sartell does not guarantee the lifespan of a tree donation past one replacement within first 5 years. The benches have a 5-year warranty on product defects only, deemed as such solely by the manufacturer.  
  • Complete funding for the donation must be processed before the commencement of any work.  
  • Prices are subject to periodic revision.
  • Only tree, bench and paver donations are covered by this program.  A donor requesting any other donation, dedication, or memorial must apply to the Public Works Department.