Boulevards & Easments

Sartell has policies regulating the use of boulevard and easement areas. The boulevard (the distance from the back of curb to the property line) is part of the street right-of-way. It is used for sewer, water and street installation and maintenance as well as electric, gas, telephone and cable TV lines. The boulevard is typically 15 feet in residential neighborhoods. In addition, in residential areas, there is typically a 5 to 6-foot drainage and utility easement along the rear and interior lot lines and 10 to 12 feet along streets and alleys of each residential lot. Boulevard and easement areas are designed for public utilities, storm water drainage and the storage of snow plowed from the street. Items such as rocks, posts, trees, etc., should not be placed in those areas.

If your yard or boulevard has been marked with paint or small flags, this means that someone is planning to perform work in the area, and has called Gopher State One Call system for a utility locate. The white markings represent the proposed excavation area. The other color markings and flags represent underground utilities that are located in and near the proposed excavation area. Often the flags identify the parties who are doing the work. You may wish to contact them to determine what activities are planned.

Before planting trees or placing other items on the street right-of-way or within adjacent drainage and utility easements residents should check with the Planning Department at (320) 258-7306 to determine minimum setback from the street curb. You can also click here to see a letter regarding planting.

Under state law, if you are planning to do any work on your property that involves excavation more than six inches deep, you need to contact the Gopher State One Call system 48 hours before you plan to dig. Gopher State One Call will notify any known parties who have underground utilities in the area that a locate has been ordered. The operators are then required by law to mark their utilities with paint or flags within 48 hours. There is no fee for this service. The number for Gopher State One Call system locate is (800) 252-1166.

Lots on street corners have special requirements for landscaping. Any questions relative to this policy for your street footage, residents should contact the Planning Department at (320) 258-7306.

Street Lights Out or Down?

The power companies in Sartell take care of maintaining the street lights.  To report a street light out or request other non-emergency issues, please fill out the following form.