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Boards & Commissions

The City Council solicits interested city residents to submit applications to the various volunteer commissions as vacancies occur.  Terms for all the commission seats are set at a maximum of 3 full terms.  Commission members are required to resubmit an application after the end of each term. All applicants are interviewed and appointed by the City Council.


PLANNING COMMISSION - 5 PERSON COMMISSION (click to the left for an application)

The Planning Commission offers recommendations on land use matters within the City.  This includes reviewing master plans, plats, variances, conditional use permits, over seeing the Comprehensive Plan and reviewing all ordinance amendments and changes.

Park Commission - 5 Person Commission

The Park Commission offers recommendations on Park improvements within the City.


ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION - 8 PERSON COMMISSION (click to the left for an application)

The Economic Development Commission acts as a coordinating body and resource agency for economic development matters. The general purpose of the commission is to study, review and prepare recommendations to the City Council regarding economic development policy.