MINUTES OF FEBRUARY 23, 2015                                                                              SPECIAL MEETING


Pursuant to due call and notice thereof, a special meeting was held on February 23, 2015 at Sartell City Hall.  The meeting commenced at 5:04 PM.


COUNCIL PRESENT:     Mayor Nicoll, Council members Hennes, Peterson, Braig Lindstrom and Lynch


OTHERS PRESENT:      Mary Degiovanni, City Administrator

Anita Rasmussen, Comm Dev Director/Asst. City Admin

Mike Nielson, City Engineer



A motion was made by Peterson and seconded by Lynch to adopt the agenda as presented.  The motion carried unanimously.



The City Administrator went over the 2014 pre-audit financial highlights and lowlights and discussed how operational years impact the Financial Management Plan.  The Council also overviewed other major factors that impact the projected tax rates in the Plan – tax base growth and changes in debt service needs have higher impacts than one time cuts. 


The Council discussed capital priorities which will need to be incorporated into the Financial Management Plan but which also need to be measured as to cash flow and overall debt levels.  Council member Braig Lindstrom questioned discussing goals as part of the Financial Management Plan and the City Administrator explained the whole purpose of the Plan is to ensure the City maintains the financial capacity to achieve goals and priorities.  Ehlers, the City’s financial consultants, will review the identified priorities and advise the Council on pros and cons of taking on the various projects under consideration.


To assist the Council in trying to prioritize timing, an overview of Pinecone Road and other roadway projects, including MNDOT and County projects impacting Sartell, was reviewed.  Items discussed included but are not limited to:

·         Are there other possible strategies to reduce the traffic jam at the Pine Meadow/5th Street North intersection?

·         Can we sell used traffic signals when we convert signalized intersections to roundabouts?

·         Look at 15th to 35th as urban rather than rural section roadway, but this is probably higher priority than 7th to 15th section.

·         Have we considered the Scout Drive roundabout as a priority even after 23rd Street South connection is made?


Upon motion made by Peterson and seconded by Hennes, the Mayor adjourned the meeting at 6:50 pm.

                                                                                    Minutes By:                




                                                                                    Mary Degiovanni, City Administrator




Sarah Jane Nicoll, Mayor